Book Signing

On Sunday 23rd August, from 2pm, Jani Tully Chaplin will be in the plant area at Buscot Park signing two of her books from The Manor House Stories.  These are a series of 12 children's books illustrated by the author.



The 2 titles available will be Lady Davina Dove - A Christmas Story and Cream & Sugar the Milkmaids - Snowfall and Snowballs



Foreword by Julian Fellowes:


"The Manor House Stories create a wonderful and detailed world in miniature full of truth and consequence, like all good stories should, giving us lessons about life but in the most charming way imaginable. No one can accuse the books of soft-soaping the realities of work in a great house, there is plenty of elbow grease required from all the animals and birds employed there, as I should know, but you will find kindness in these pages too, and I suppose I believe that while fate may be challenging for everyone, there is often some kindness in the mix. In my experience anyway.

These lovely little tales contain comments and observations that will be very useful to young readers in the years to come, and they will be useful to older readers, too, if I am anything to go by."





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