Drawings At Buscot Park

Catalogue No. 6
Hoare, William, of Bath (Attributed To)
Allegory of Innocence

Pastels / chalk 29½ x 24¾ ins., oval

Catalogue No. 7
Russell, John, RA (Attributed To)
Venus and Cupid

Pastels / chalk 28 x 23 ¾ ins, oval

Catalogue No. 40
Heaphy, Thomas
Lord Palmerston as a Young Man

b.1775, b.1835
Watercolour over pencil 10.6 ins. x 8.9 ins. (27 x 22.5cms) Signed

Catalogue No. 97
Tissot, James Joseph
Portrait Study

Sketch heightened in watercolour, 15½ x 8½ ins.

Catalogue No. 126
Gertler, Mark
Portrait of Oonagh Henderson

Pastels / chalk 19 x 15 ins.

Catalogue No. 176
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Ambroise Vollard

b.1841, d.1919
From a suite of 12 lithographs by Renoir made between 1904 and 1905, published by Ambroise Vollard in 1919

Catalogue No. 196
Basibilele, Owen

20th C
Pencil and brown ink 13½ by 11¾ ins

Catalogue No. 197
O'Gorman, Juan
D Fausto de Elhuyar

Pencil and black chalk 18 x 12 ins

Catalogue No. 198
O'Gorman, Juan

b.1905, d.1982
Print, 1963 - 18/20

Catalogue No. 203
Rivera, Diego
A Roadmender

Signed l.r. Diego Rivera. Brush & Ink. 15 1/4 ins by 10 3/4 ins

Catalogue No. 298
Sargent, John Singer RA
Portrait Study of Lady Norah Brassey

Black chalk 24¼ x 18½ ins.

Catalogue No. 300
Roman School, Circa 1600
The Visitation

Pencil and brown ink, brown wash 269 x 370mm

Catalogue No. 301
Cipriani, Giovanni Battista, RA
A Sheet of Studies of Five Figures

Pen and ink, watercolour 186 x 190mm

Catalogue No. 302
Cipriani, Giovanni Battista, RA
Seven Grieving Figures

Pen and black ink, watercolour 146 x 190mm

Catalogue No. 303
Cipriani, Giovanni Battista, RA
Seated Figure of St John the Baptist

Red chalk 400 x 260mm

Catalogue No. 304
Caracci, Lodovico
A Kneeling Youth

Pen and brown ink 205 x 167mm

Catalogue No. 305
Barocci, Federico, Attributed to
Head of the Virgin

Coloured chalk 108 x 144mm

Catalogue No. 306
Maratta, Carlo
An Allegory of Winter

Red chalk 348 x 494mm

Catalogue No. 307
Maratta, Carlo
Susanna and the Elders

Red chalk 362 x 416mm

Catalogue No. 308
Bolognese School, 17th Century
The Lamentation

17th Century
Pencil and brown ink, brown wash, heightened with white 361 x 265mm

Catalogue No. 309
Greenhill, John (Attr)
Portrait of a Gentleman

Black, white and red chalk on buff paper 10½ x 7¼ ins.

Catalogue No. 310
Greenhill, John (Attr)
Portrait Study of a Gentleman

Black, white and red chalk on buff paper 10 x 7¼ ins.

Catalogue No. 311
Guercino, Il-Giovanni Battista Barbieri, Called
The Denial of Saint Peter

Red chalk 205 x 300mm

Catalogue No. 312
Caracci, Annibale or Agostino
A Pilgrim in a Landscape

1557-1602 or 1560-1609
Pen and brown ink 325 x 220mm

Catalogue No. 313
Rubens, Sir Peter Paul, After
A Portrait said to be Hélène Fourment

Red and black chalk 254 x 190mm

Catalogue No. 314
Lely, Sir Peter
Study of Hands

Black, red and white chalk on grey paper 7¼ x 8¼ ins.

Catalogue No. 315
Lely, Sir Peter
Study of a Hand

Black and red chalk on grey paper 5¼ x 4¼ ins.

Catalogue No. 316
Lely, Sir Peter
Study of a Woman, Seated With Her Hands Folded

Black, red and white chalk on grey paper 6¾ x 8 ins.

Catalogue No. 317
Lely, Sir Peter
Study of a Woman's Hand

Black, red and white chalk on grey paper 3¼ x 5¾ ins.

Catalogue No. 318-Left
Rembrandt, Harmenszoon van Rijn
The Angel at the Empty Tomb

Pen and brown ink, shaped top 154 x 94mm

Catalogue No. 318-Centre
Funerius, Abraham (Attr)
Two soldiers seen from behind in a rocky landscape

Pen and brown ink over chalk 180 x 240mm

Catalogue No. 318-Right
Rembrandt, Harmenszoon van Rijn
A Seated Angel resting

Pen and brown ink 150 x 92mm

Catalogue No. 319
Dyck, Sir Anthony van
Christ on the Cross

Pen and brown ink 186 x 120mm

Catalogue No. 320
Cortona, Pietro da
Head of a Woman In Profile To the Left

Chalk 515 x 390mm

Catalogue No. 329
Ward, John RA
Hall At Barnsley Park (1977)

b.1917, d.2007
Pencil/watercolour 18 1/2 by 12 1/4 ins.

Catalogue No. 330
Ward, John RA
Lady Faringdon

Pencil 14½ x 12 ins

Catalogue No. 331
Poynter, Sir John Edward P R Ac
Study of Figure In Classical Costume

Pastels / chalk

Catalogue No. 339
Strudwick, J M
Study of Male Nude


Catalogue No. 396
Ellis, Ray

Limited Edition Print Signed

Catalogue No. 398
Rothenstein, Michael
Woodcut - the Garden II

Limited Edition Print

Catalogue No. 440
Smith, Lady Nora
Miss Mary Brassey (aunt of the present Lord Faringdon)

Pencil 11½ x 9 ins

Catalogue No. 443
Cotes, Francis RA
Portrait of Rebecca Tucker

Pastels / chalk 23½ x 17½ ins.

Catalogue No. 444
Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley, Bt., A.R.A.
Study for the King Asleep, Briar Rose

Pencil and Black Chalk 14½ x 9½

Catalogue No. 445
Poole, David
The Prince of Wales

Pastels / chalk 25 x 18 ins.

Catalogue No. 450
Candles on dining table at Buscot

Pencil and black ink

Catalogue No. 451
Fry, Maxwell (Architect)
Storm at Buscot, 1968

Charcoal on cartridge paper. 7½ x 11 ins

Catalogue No. 469
Newcomb, Mary

b. 1922-2008
Pencil 7½ x 5½ ins.

Catalogue No. 470
Newcomb, Mary
Cow Lying Down

b. 1922-2008
Pencil 6 x 8 ins.

Catalogue No. 475
Macdonald-Buchanan, Elizabeth
Study of Female Nude (1998)

Pencil 12½ by 9¾ ins.

Catalogue No. 701
Ward, John RA

Pastels / chalk 19 x 11 ins.

Catalogue No. 1165
Richmond, George RA
Admiral of the Fleet Sir William Bowles, KCB

Watercolour over pencil heightened with bodycolour and gum arabic. 19 ins by 13 3/4 ins

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