The Normanton Room

This room, at the head of the staircase, takes its name from the early eighteenth-century State Bed, formerly at Normanton Park in Rutland.  The bed dates stylistically from c.1710, and so must have come from the earlier house, rather than the Palladian house (itself now demolished) built for Sir John Heathcote by Richard Jupp in 1735–40.  The late eighteenth-century chimney-piece was introduced by the 2nd Lord Faringdon in the 1930s.


The pictures here are mainly by twentieth-century artists – Peter Greenham, Jane Dowling, John Ward (a portrait of the present owner and his family, painted in 1978), Sir Edmund Fairfax-Lucy, Emily Patrick, Ken Howard, Peter Kuhfeld, Allan Gwynne-Jones and Emilie Gwynne-Jones – and they have been bought in the last few years by the Trustees of the Faringdon Collection.  The furniture includes a set of four giltwood armchairs with oval backs, and a settee upholstered in nineteenth-century Beauvais tapestry.  An early eighteenth-century French chasuble is on a stand beside the bed.

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