The Passage

The Wedgwood pink lustre tea service on a shelf near the entrance to the hall was painted by Thérèse Lessore (1884-1955), the wife of the painter W.R. Sickert. The picture immediately above, Hop-Pickers (No.141), was painted by her as well.


The pair of giltwood side-tables are Italian and of late eighteenth-century date. On one are four pieces of contemporary glass, all recent additions to the Collection. The two coloured pieces, each entitled Aesculus, are by Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones who combined their skills to create these natural forms inspired by the horse chestnut seed. The other two pieces, Resolving Significance (on the left) and Degrees of Separation VIII (on the right), are by Sally Fawkes whose great gift as a glassmaker is for producing work employing extraordinary mirrored and reflective qualities. In between these pieces is a work by her partner Richard Jackson, entitled First Intention VII and acquired in 2017.  On the other are two alabaster canopic jars from Egypt and a bronze by Philip Blacker (1993) of Remittance Man with his inseparable companion Nobby.  Beneath this table stands a large Caltagirone vase from Sicily dated 1730, under the other an oriental Imari vase.

The marble statue of Diana, is of the Hellenistic period, but has been much restored.  It stands on a Roman funerary altar commemorating a girl of sixteen.  On the marble pedestal sits a Renaissance-costumed bronze, Love’s Coronet, by the Arts & Crafts sculptor Sir William Reynolds-Stephens (1862-1943), dated 1902 and exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1903.

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