New Additions

Lord Faringdon and the Trustees of the Faringdon Collection continue to add to the collection, and improve its display.



Thomas Messel Bed Stool


The Trustees of the Faringdon Collection Trust commissioned Thomas Messel to produce a stool to coordinate with the period and grandeur of the Normanton state bed with the added function of acting as a concealed suitcase rack. The stool is constructed from aged mid-20th century mahogany and carved in the Thomas Chippendale 'Gothick' blind fret style.  The upholstered seat top is the same silk damask which was specially woven for the restoration of the Normanton state bed.



Thomas Hope Greyhounds

The Trustees of the Faringdon Collection Trust commissioned Jonathan Sainsbury to copy, with the permission of the Temple Newsam Museum in Leeds, the two greyhounds Thomas Hope had originally designed for the ends of a settee (now missing). They are carved in hardwood and finished in a patinated bronze and gilt coating with separate cast metal collars, decorated with fire gilding.


Public Water Fountain


The Trustees of the Lord Faringdon Charitable Trust have gifted a public water fountain situated in the archway to the gardens. It also has a bottle filling dispenser.



New Roof & Chimney Stacks


In 2017 the National Trust undertook the re-roofing of the Main House and renovation of the chimney stacks.











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